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Bank Of India Branches In Jharkhand For IFSC Code And Contact Details

Select your city for bank of india in jharkhand. Following all cities are in jharkhand.

Kindly Choose Your Branch Location For Bank Of India In Jharkhand

Bank Of India has all branches in following cities of jharkhand states of Uperdugni (dist. Seraikela-kharsawan), Ukumadkam (dist. West Singhbhum), Tutilawa (dist. Chatra), Tupudana, Tupkadih (bokaro Jd), Topchanchi (dist. Dhanbad), Topa (jd), Tisri (dist.giridih), Tisra (dist. Dhanbad), Tiruldih (dist Seraikela-kharsawan), Thakurgaon (dist. Ranchi), Tetulmari (dist. Dhanbad), Tenughat (distt Bokaro), Tentulia Bokaro, Telo, Telmocho (dist. Dhanbad), Telidih (dist Bokaro), Tebo (dist. West Singhbhum), Tatisilvawai, Tangar (dist. Ranchi), Tandwa (dist. Chatra), Taljhari (dist. Sahibganj), Swang Colliery (dist. Bokaro), Suriya (dist. Giridih), Sundernagar, Sultana (dist.hazaribagh), Sonua (district West Singhbhum), Sonarpara (dist Pakur), Siwandih (jd), Situ Ichagarh, Sini, Singhbhum East, Singhbhum, Simdega, Simaria (dist. Chatra), Silli (dist. Ranchi), Sikidiri (dist. Ranchi), Shahpur(jharkhand), Shaharjam (dist. Chatra), Seraikela (dist. Seraikela-kharsawan), Senha (dist. Lohardaga), Sayal (dist Ramgarh Cannt), Satgawan (dist.koderma), Sarubera (jd), Sarangashol (dist. East Singhbhum), Saram Bazar (dist. Bokaro), Saram, Saketpuri (jharkhand), Sahibganj, Sagramdih (dist. Dhanbad), Remba (dist.giridih), Religara (dist. Hazaribagh), Ratu, Ranchi, Ramnagar, Ramgarh Cantt, Ramgarh (jd), Rajrappa Project (dist. Hazaribagh), Rajnagar, Rajganj (dist. Dhanbad), Rajdhanwar (dist.giridih), Raidihmore (dist. Ranchi), Raidih (dist. Gumla), Raghunathpur, Radhanagar Raj (dist. Sahibganj), Putki (dist. Dhanbad), Purbi Singhbhum, Pratappur (dist. Chatra), Potka, Pithoria (dist. Ranchi), Pirtand (dist.giridih), Pipcho (dist. Koderma), Pindrajora (dist. Bokaro), Pichari (distt Bokaro), Phusro Bazar (dist. Bokaro), Phulwaria (dist. Koderma), Phulchi (dist. Giridih), Peshrar (jharkhand), Pesham (dist.giridih), Patratu (dist.hazaribagh), Pathaldiha (dist.koderma), Patamda (dist. East Singhbhum), Paschimi Singhbhum, Parsan (dist.giridih), Parasnath (bihar), Panchhat, Palkot (dist. Gumla), Pakur (dist. Pakur - Jharkhand), Padma (dist. Hazaribagh), Otar (dist. West Singhbhum), Ormanjhi, Nirsa (dist - Dhanbad), Nimiaghat (dist. Giridih), Nimdih, Nawalsahi (district Koderma), Nawadih (dist.bokaro), Nawada (dist. Hazaribagh), Nagri, Muturkham (dist. East Singhbhum), Muram Kalan,(dist: Ramgarh), Mugma (dist. Dhanbad), Moudasholi (dist. East Singhbhum), Motia Dumaria,via Godda, Dist : Godda, Mosabani (dist. East Singhbhum), Moko (dist.dhanbad), Mohanpur (dist. East Singhbhum), Moganpur (dist. Hazaribagh), Mirzaganj (dist.giridih), Mechua (dist. East Singhbhum), Masmohna (dist. Koderma), Markachho (dist.koderma), Marar (distt Ramgarh) Jd, Manoharpur(dist Singhbhum Jharkhand), Manjhatoli (dist. Gumla), Mangura (dist. Hazaribagh), Mandu (dist. Hazaribagh), Manaitand (dist. Dhanbad), Mamarkudar (dist. Bokaro), Makdiha (dist. Giridih), Majhgaon (district West Singhbhum), Maithan (dhanbad), Mahesh Munda (dist. Giridih), Lohardaga, Lodna (dist. Dhanbad), Lodai(jharkhand), Latehar,jharkhand, Lalpania(jharkhand), Laikdih (dist. Dhanbad), Lachragarh (dist. Simdega), Kusunda (dhanbad), Kuru (distt Lohardaga Jd), Kurdeg (dist. Simdega), Kuju (dist Ramgarh Cantt), Kuchai (dist Seraikela-kharsawan), Kotam (dist.gumla), Korra (jd), Kopali Jharkhand, Kolibera (distt Simdega) Jd, Kolabera (dist. Seraikela-kharsawan), Koderma, Kisko (dist. Lohardaga), Khunti, Khelari, Kharsawan (jharkhand), Kharagdiha (dist Hazaribagh, Khaira Chatar (dist. Bokaro), Kessurgarh (dist.dhanbad), Kerukocha, Kendua (dist.giridhi), Kedla ( Jd), Katrasgarh (dist.dhanbad), Katin (dist. East Singhbhum), Kasmar (dist. Bokaro), Karra (dist. Ranchi), Karma (distt Ramgarh) Jd, Kariodih (dist. Pakur), Kariatpur (dist.hazaribagh), Karaikella (dist.west Singhbhum), Kandra (dist. Dhanbad), Kamdara(jharkhand), Kalyandih (jd), Kalikapur (district East Singhbhum), Kairo, Jugsalai, Jori (dist Chatra), Jhumritelaiya, Jharia, Jeenagora (dist. Dhanbad), Jawalkata (dist. East Singhbhum), Jaridih Bazar (dist. Bokaro), Jari (jd), Jamua (distt Giridih) Jd, Jamtara, Jamshedpur, Jaldega (dist.simdega), Jainamore ( Jharkhand), Jainagar (jharkhand), Jagannathpur, Itkhori, Isri Bazar (dist.giridih), Inderwa (dist. Koderma), Ichak More (jd), Hunterganj (dist. Chatra), Hirodih (distt Koderma) Jd, Hazaribagh, Hazaribag, Hata (dist. East Singhbhum), Haludpukur, Gumla Dist, Gumla, Gua (district West Singhbhum), Govindpur (dist. Ranchi), Govindapur (dhanbad), Gosaindih (dist. Chatra), Gomoh (dist. Dhanbad), Gomia (bihar), Gohal Dangra (dist.east Singhbhum), Godda, Jarkhand, Godda, Gobindpur (dist. West Singhbhum), Giridih, Gidi (dist. Hazaribagh), Ghuiyapal (dist. East Singhbhum), Ghorthamba, Ghoraling (dist. Seraikela-kharsawan), Ghatsila, Ghato Tand (jharkhand), Ghaghra (dist. Gumla), Getalsud (dist. Ranchi), Gawan (dist. Giridih), Gari Kalan (dist. Hazaribagh), Garhwa, Jharkhand, Gandey (dist Giridih), Galudih (dist. Seraikela-kharsawan), Galudih, Gajpur (dist. West Singhbhum), Ena (dist. Dhanbad), Dwarpahari (dist. Giridih), Dumri (dist. Gumla), Dumka, Dumaria (dist. East Singhbhum), Dugda Coal Washery, Dist. Bokaro, Doranda (dist.giridih), Domchanch (dist. Koderma), Diankel (dist.ranchi), Dhatkidih (dist. East Singhbhum), Dhanbad, Dhalbhumgarh (dist.east Singhbhum), Deori, Deoghar Dist. Deoghar - Jharkhand, Deoghar, Daru (distt Hazaribag) Jd, Dantar (dist. Chatra), Daltonganj, Dalbhanga (dist. Seraikela-kharsawan), Dalaikela (dist.west Singhbhum), Dadpur (dist.hazaribagh), Chowka (dist. Seraikela-kharsawan), Chotki Kharagdiha (dist.giridih), Chota Muri, Chittaranjan, Chirkunda (dhanbad), Cheera Chas (dist Bokaro), Chauparan (dist.hazaribagh), Chatro (dist.giridih), Chatra (dist Chatra), Chatra, Chas (jharkhand), Charhi (dist.hazaribagh), Chandwara, Chandrapura (jharkhand), Chaliama (dist.seraikela-kharsawan), Chakulia (purbi Singhbhum), Chakradharpur, Chainpur (dist. Gumla), Chainpur (bargaon), Chaibasa (jd), Chaibasa, Buti (dist. Lohardaga), Burmu (dist. Ranchi), Bundu, Bolba (dist. Simdega), Bokaro Steel City, Bokaro, Bodam, Bishunpur (dist. Gumla), Bishnugarh (dist. Hazaribagh), Biru (district Simdega), Birkiti (dist. Pakur), Birda (dist. Ranchi), Bhurkunda (dist.hazaribagh), Bhuli (dist Dhanbad), Bhulan Bararee (dist. Dhanbad), Bhoya (dist West Singhbhum), Bhojudih (dist. Bokaro), Bhendra (dist. Bokaro), Bhatdee (dist. Dhanbad), Bharno (jd), Bhandra (dist.lohardaga), Bhagidera (dist. Gumla), Bhagabandi (dist. East Singhbhum), Bhaga Bandh (dhanbad), Bhaga (dhanbad), Bero, Bera (dist. Dhanbad), Bengabad (distt Giridih), Bend (dist.east Singhbhum), Bayang (dist. Seraikela-kharsawan), Batbinor (dist. Bokaro), Basodih (dist. Koderma), Barwa Adda (dist. Dhanbad), Barmasia (dist. Bokaro), Barkatha (dist. Hazaribagh), Barkagaon (dist. Hazaribagh), Barhi (dist. Hazaribagh), Barbil, Bara Amda (dist Seraikela-kharsawan), Bantara (dist. Hazaribagh), Bano (dist. Simdega), Banjhedih, Dist.koderma, Bandgaon (district West Singhbhum), Balsagra (dist. Hazaribagh), Balidih (dist Bokaro), Bagru (dist. Lohardaa), Bagra Mod (dist. Chatra), Bagodar (jd), Baddiha (dist.giridih), Badam (dist. Hazaribagh), Atka (dist. Giridih), Amaghata (dist. Dhanbad), Alkapuri (distt. Giridih), Ahilyapur (dist.giridih), Adityapur, . Choose one of any state for your bank branch for ifsc code, micr code, branch address and contact number details for NEFT/RTGS and online internet banking.

About Jharkhand

Jharkhand (; Hindi: [d͡ʒʱɑːɾkʰəɳɖ]; meaning 'The Land of Forests') is a state in eastern India. The state shares its border with the states of Bihar to the north, Uttar Pradesh to the northwest, Chhattisgarh to the west, Odisha to the south and West Bengal to the east. It has an area of 79,710 km2 (30,778 sq mi). It is the 15th largest state by area, and the 14th largest by population. Hindi is the official language of the state. The city of Ranchi is its capital and Dumka its sub capital. The state is known for its waterfalls, hills and holy places; Baidyanath Dham, Parasnath and Rajrappa are major religious sites. The state was formed in 2000, from the territory that had previously been part of Bihar. Jharkhand suffers from what is sometimes termed a resource curse: it accounts for more than 40% of the mineral resources of India, but 39.1% of its population is below the poverty line and 19.6% of children under five years of age are malnourished. Jharkhand is primarily rural, with about 24% of its population living in cities. It is amongst the leading states in terms of economic growth. In 2017–18, the GDP growth rate of state was at 10.22%.
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