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Karvy Toll Free Number

Get toll free number for Karvy, . This number can use as Karvy customer care service number too.

Karvy Toll Free Number And Customer Service Number



Strobilanthes callosa Nees (Synonym: Carvia callosa (Nees) Bremek) is a shrub found mainly in the low hills of the western ghats all along the west coast of India. Its standardized Hindi language name is maruadona (मरुआदोना) by which it is called in the state of Madhya Pradesh where it is also found. In the state of Maharashtra in the Marathi language and other local dialects and in the neighboring state of Karnataka the shrub is locally known as karvi, sometimes spelled in English as karvy.This shrub belongs to the genus Strobilanthes which was first scientifically described by Nees in the 19th century. The genus has around 350 species, of which at least 46 are found in India. Most of these species show an unusual flowering behaviour, varying from annual to 16-year blooming cycles, on the national scale there is often confusion about which plant is flowering.
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